Key Steps to Follow When Looking for a Datacentre in Sydney

When sourcing for a datacentre in Sydney there are some steps that you should follow to avoid making a mistake. The first step is finding out the names of all the various Sydney datacentre that are actually inside Sydney. You may come across organizations that have their datacentre overseas and use cloud technology to make it appear they are actually in Sydney. The only way to know whether the prospective Sydney datacentre is actually local is to look at their physical address and if possible drive by it.

Screening Questions to Address

When you have confirmed the prospective datacentres are actually located in Sydney you should check out the building. Does the building look in a good state of repair? You don’t want to have your data housed inside a substandard building so make the effort to view the building. While assessing the prospective datacentre you should find out whether the building belongs exclusively to the datacentre or is it shared with a variety of other tenants. There is nothing inherently wrong with shared buildings but if you are dealing with highly classified data you should insist on dealing solely with a datacentre that does not share the building with other organizations.

Does the prospective datacentre have a large number of clients?

The reasoning behind this question is if the datacentre is offering great value they should have a significant number of customers using their services. Along with the number of customers you should look at the size of their clients. If the datacentre is able to attract top tier clients then that is a clear sign they must be doing something right.

A side benefit of focusing on datacentres with a large client base is their financial stability. The last thing you want to experience is dealing finding out your datacentre has gone out of business and you are left holding the proverbial bag. By using the services of a well-established datacentre you are less likely to go through this painful experience.

Additional Variables to Address

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You should find out whether the prospective datacentre has sufficient physical barriers in place to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your sensitive data. One way of doing this is to have security personnel onsite that can act as a physical barrier between the outside world and your data.

Aside from the security considerations you also need to find out whether the datacentre has sufficient contingencies in place to protect against power outages. A power outage could cripple your organization so you need to pick a company that has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

Once you have covered all of these items the last thing you need to review is the fees being quoted for the facilities. The costs do vary so it would be in your best interest to select the datacentre that is priced somewhere in the middle of the bunch.