Dog Sleeves for Protection

If you are running into an issue where your dog is constantly licking their paws, you may want to take action. At first, such an action seems very cute, and it is not something you would find yourself too concerned about. But the more you learn about dogs, you will come to understand that when they are licking their paws all the time, they are going to get sick. There are probably so many germs and other items on their paws, and by licking them all the time, they are ingesting those things into their body, which is never a good idea.

But what can you do? What type of solution is going to work without making your dog too uncomfortable? We think that dog sleeves are the best option that you have in this situation. If you have a dog who has issues related to cuts or injuries on their paws, and you do not want them to lick those paws, then a dog sleeve can help a lot. In addition, dogs that are obsessively licking or biting their paws and getting hurt as a result, the sleeves will help them too. And the best part is that the sleeves are not too uncomfortable.

dog sleeves

With these sleeves, you are getting full protection from the cuts and wounds that would normally become an issue. In addition, you do not need to constantly take them to a vet for a vet wrap, which can become irritating and quite expensive. And in terms of how they are used, these sleeves take less than a minute to put on and adjust. It is by far the easiest way to keep your dog safe and protected. And they will not feel a thing – we promise. If you are worried about your dog’s comfort, these things are the best choice.

Another issue that many dog owners have with sleeves is that they become dirty and smelly very quickly. But when you have these high quality sleeves, you will see that they are able to go through a wash without too many issues. For instance, you can hand wash them and you can place them on a wrap to dry. It should not take more than six to eight hours to dry, and then you are good to go. They will not smell at all, and you can put them back on your dog! Where else will you find such quality?

Vets even have names for the conditions that can occur when your dog licks their paws too much. Lick granuloma or acral lick dermatitis are the two most common conditions, and you do not want your dog to suffer through those. If you notice your dog has been liking his or her paws too much, get these sleeves now. And if they do ever get those conditions, it is still not too late. If you get the paws after the first incident, you can ensure that the problem is not going to become a regular occurrence with your dog.