Random Urban Sauce Making Tips

These are the kind of sauce making cooking tips you would find in random kitchens in an urban environment. Sure, you might find them in suburban homes and everywhere else. For the sake of the theme, we shall just consider these tips to be “independent” of origin for the time being. However, they are actually just common tips for sauce making that you may or may not know. Play along and learn something or get inspired to do something better. Either way, you are getting in the kitchen and improving your cooking skills.

One of the most important things is to get the flavor out of dried herbs. The very best way to do this is to saute the herbs in a bit of oil before adding the other sauce ingredients. Then, the vital flavors of the herbs are imparted to the oil to become part of the final flavor. It is better than adding dry herbs directly into the sauce at the end.

When you saute the dry herbs, it is good to saute any garlic or shallots with it as well. When everything gets nice and foamy, you may want to add a bit of fresh water to keep the spices and herbs from burning. This will make a flavorful base for the other sauce ingredients, which are usually added next.

Especially if you are using an acidic sauce base like a tomato sauce, you want to add it directly into the saute of the herbs and spices. With creamy bases, it is better to slowly stir them in and allow them to blend and heat up. Acidic ingredients like tomatoes will pick up all the flavors very quickly and give you a good, thick sauce.

Work with each ingredient carefully and find out the ways to get the best flavors. These little tis are just to point you in the right direction.